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The Farm

AlpacaSus is committed to raising quality animals, producing useful and lovely fibers, and participating in the improvement of the alpaca herd in the United States.

The farm is located in Hibbing, MN.

The Wonderful Alpacas

AlpacaSus' new data enhanced breeding program has already improved the quality of its herd significantly. We have several up and coming young studs from KV Eisenheim available for sale or lease. These young studs have formidable bloodlines that will change your herd for the better with denser, finer fiber with the potential for some fabulous color. Not only do they possess exceptionally soft fleeces, they are also well-proportioned animals whose traits will pass on to the next generation. Contact AlpacaSus for information on the exquisite alpacas now available from its new breeding program.

The Fleece

Soft, luxurious, warm, and not a bit scratchy, alpaca fleece is a premium fiber and is very fashionable.

Alpaca fleece is durable, surprisingly lightweight, and very cozy.

It's easy to work with, too, whether you're a knitter or even a hand-spinner of fine fibers.
It has a lovely silky sheen and can be spun more finely than cashmere and maintain its durability.

Fleece from the AlpacaSus herd is cleaner; the herd actually wears light jackets between shearings that keeps the fleece cleaner and more luxurious and soft. Crias (the babies) wear jackets from birth to maintain the high quality of their fleece.


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