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Male Alpacas For Sale SOLD

Name DOB Status Color Price
Erebus by Eisenheim ASUS 7/21/13 Jr. Herdsire White SOLD
Adamant by Eisenheim ASUS 5/17/14 Jr. Herdsire White SOLD
Duncan by Eisenheim ASUS 6/6/14 Jr. Herdsire White SOLD
Samaurai's Willow 7/19/12 Jr. Herdsire White SOLD
Triumph's Juniper 8/27/12 Jr. Herdsire White SOLD
Baird by Eisenheim ASUS 5/31/14 Jr. Herdsire Light Brown SOLD
AOGR Triumph's Cinnamon 8/27/12 Jr. Herdsire Beige, Light Fawn SOLD
AOGR Lincoln's Snap Dragon 6/17/11 Pet / Fiber Blue-eyed White SOLD
Corin by Eisenheim ASUS 7/12/13 Jr. Herdsire Medium Brown/Light Rose Grey SOLD
Everett by Eisenheim ASUS 6/20/14 Jr. Herdsire Medium Fawn SOLD
AOGR Lincoln's Hawthorn 6/24/11 Jr. Herdsire Beige SOLD

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Female Alpacas For Sale SOLD

Name DOB Status Color Price
Allegheny by Eisenheim ASUS 6/23/14 Maiden Light Brown SOLD
AOGR Triumph's Angelica 6/19/12 Maiden White SOLD
Chloe by Eisenheim ASUS 6/13/13 Maiden Beige SOLD
AOGR Poppy by Ember 8/30/11 Open Proven Medium Brown SOLD
IW7-6 7/1/11 Open Proven White SOLD
AOGR Monsieur Marius's Belle 9/16/07 Open Proven Beige SOLD
IW7-5 7/1/07 Open Light Brown SOLD
AOGR Bolero's Nellie Bly 9/10/08 Open Proven Light Fawn SOLD
AOGR Orion's Nazhoni 5/19/07 Open Proven Beige SOLD
AOGR Ember's Tulip 9/8/11 Open Light Fawn SOLD
AOGR Ember's Laurel 6/26/11 Open Light Fawn SOLD
AOGR Grace's Annie Oakley 8/3/08 Open Proven Bay Black SOLD
AOGR Marius's Ariel 7/21/10 Open Proven Beige SOLD
Athena by Macarthur ASUS 5/10/13 Maiden White SOLD
Bridgit by Eisenheim ASUS 6/10/13 Maiden Bay Black SOLD
Britannia by Eisenheim ASUS 7/11/24 Maiden True Black SOLD
Espinhaco by Eisenheim ASUS 7/17/2014 Maiden White SOLD
Fannin by Eisenheim ASUS 7/24/14 Maiden Light Fawn/Beige SOLD
AOGR Triumph's Ginger 9/1/2012 Maiden Light Fawn SOLD
IW7-2 7/1/08 Open Proven Beige SOLD
Darby by Eisenheim ASUS 7/14/14 Maiden White SOLD

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