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Be gentle, it will felt.

Put fleece in a net bag and take it outside and shake it - to get the dust out (optional).
(We tumble it in a drum tumbler formed with chicken wire.)

Pull locks apart and get out as much vm (vegetable matter) as you can (optional).
(We use a picker.)

Put about 2 ounces each into several lingerie bags.

Gently press the bags into warm water until submerged and the bubbles mostly stop.

Let soak without agitation until water is cooled off.

Gently remove the bags and squeeze the water out.

Repeat as many times as necessary (till the water runs off as clean as you want it to).

You can use a gentle soap.
(We use ivory bar soap shredded. Original Dawn is another option. You just don't want to let it soak too long in protein-eating soap!)

After the final rinse place bags in empty washing machine and spin.

Tump contents out onto a sweater drying rack or screen and let dry.
(We then pick it again.)


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